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We contacted several companies in town to provide estimates or advice. I visited Integraspec Kingston when they were located in the township. The salesperson, reviewed our drawings without an appointment, and provided a detailed, easy to understand quote via email, in PDF form within two days. He provided a website with loads of information, including engineered details. The subcontractor was courteous, on time, and the workmanship exceeded my expectations. There were NO surprises, and both the owner and John visited our site while the work was in progress. Most unexpectedly, the final price was slightly less than quoted, and a minor billing error was corrected without argument. While I would recommend ICF over "stick" construction any day (I did a lot of research), I can't help but think that my experience with Integra Spec Building Services biased my opinion towards ICF. These folks were a pleasure to work with. I acted as the general contractor on our project, and advice from window selection, to what kind of screws to install the siding with was provided without ever making me feel like I was a burden to them.

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